I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts

I remember it clearly. I was about five years old. My parents were watching a Christian TV program (on our console television set, the one with the dial channel changer). The subject being discussed was the Holy Ghost.

Yikes! The Holy Ghost?! 👻 This got my attention!!

I sat on our family room floor, our once plush, but by then worn down shag carpet, under a blanket and prayed continuously, “Go away, Holy Ghost! Go away! Leave our house!”

You see, to my early elementary-aged understanding, ghosts were bad. The last thing I wanted at our house was to be visited by a ghost. So, I prayed with all of my heart that the Holy Ghost would leave.

I’m not sure how long it took me to have the lightbulb moment later on, but it eventually came, and the truth was quite a shock!

“You mean to tell me the Holy Ghost IS is the Holy Spirit?! Oh NO, what have I done?!

My kids love this story. When the opening song was announced on Pentecost Sunday as “Come, Holy Ghost” my entire family looked down at me, giggling. We were ALL thinking the same thing!

This story highlights the childlike innocence we all once possessed. Our sweet misunderstandings are part of all of our stories in one way or another. And, in many ways we still have misaligned truths along our faith journey that are eventually revealed to us, allowing for a deeper conversation little by little to the truth.

One of my favorite things about the Catholic Church is the richness and depths of meaning that unfold with years of experience and new levels of our own curiosity.

I’ve learned things recently about the Eucharist that were brand new to me after 46 years in the pews. It’s all a wonderful adventure to traverse, as we discover the reasons behind what we believe.

As we celebrate the Church’s birthday this past weekend, as the tongues of fire came upon the early followers in that upper room, we pray united with them in faith, “Come Holy Ghost!”

I ain’t afraid of no ghosts!


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