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  • Jesus is on the Move – Today and Always

    Jesus is on the Move – Today and Always



    History is being made right now, as I type this! The National Eucharistic Pilgrimage, which started on May 18th is on the move and the momentum is undeniable. Four routes are making a literal cross across the United States, all coming together on July 17th in Indianapolis for the first National Eucharistic Congress in 83…

  • I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts

    I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts

    I remember it clearly. I was about five years old. My parents were watching a Christian TV program (on our console television set, the one with the dial channel changer). The subject being discussed was the Holy Ghost. Yikes! The Holy Ghost?! 👻 This got my attention!! I sat on our family room floor, our…

  • Nine Lives…Changed

    Nine Lives…Changed



    The kids and I watched the livestream of the Rite of Ordination of Priests held today at The Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist in Milwaukee. Nine men were ordained!  (This happens to be the biggest ordination class for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee in 30 years, Praise the Lord!) Oh MY, what a beautiful gift it…

  • Behold Your Mother

    Behold Your Mother

    Sixteen years ago I celebrated my first Mother’s Day, being just a few months pregnant with “Uncle Ben” (this was our funny little nickname for the baby I carried). When I first learned I was pregnant, the website said the baby at this early stage was the size of a piece of rice. This inspired…

  • Tuesdays with Jesus

    Tuesdays with Jesus

    As a work-at-home, homeschool Mom, who runs a business with her husband, I’m always in search of peace. ALWAYS! Plus, as an Enneagram 9w8, I’m a bit of a peace junkie. I literally can’t get enough. You’ve heard of “Tuesdays with Morrie”? We have Tuesdays with Jesus. … in Eucharistic Adoration. 🙏🏻 (Not familiar with…

  • How Beautiful

    How Beautiful

    I felt the tears coming. Oh man. 😝 It took extreme focus to simultaneously savor the beauty I was witnessing and not ugly cry right there. I have attended a lot of First Communions in my lifetime of being a Catholic, but today it all felt different. Today, I found myself standing behind the altar…

  • The Most Powerful One Word Prayer

    The Most Powerful One Word Prayer

    We’ve experienced some traumatic events in our life recently. And on the days that are immediately in the midst of it all, I have found comfort and strength praying the same one word prayer over and over, a calming rhythmic prayer, repeating the name of Jesus. Over and over and over and over and over.…

  • A Guiding Light

    A Guiding Light

    “How do I die?” This is the question my dad asked me eleven days before he passed. He was confident in his decision to stop fighting his body, and it was obvious he felt liberated by this new thinking and was ready to get movin’. I loved the childlike anticipation in his curiosity. But really… How…

  • Heavenly Thoughts

    Heavenly Thoughts

    Tonight Jason and I got a chance to watch ”The Exorcism of Emily Rose” with some friends. It’ll get your heart beating. It’s based off a true story and it is definitely one of those movies that will get you talking. If you’re looking to get into a deep conversation about good versus evil, demons, God, heaven,…