On a mission to rekindle and grow the faith of Catholics in Sheboygan and beyond. 

  • The Divine Lego Set

    The Divine Lego Set

    An atheist observes all the Lego bricks scattered about and sees them as random and meaningless. A saint sees the picture on the box and understands that there is a purpose to all this, that it all fits together in an ordered and beautiful way. All too often, I see… Read more

  • A Message in a Bottle

    A Message in a Bottle

    On our very first date, Kim and I agreed to live on a lake. As we began the process of getting to know each other, we got talking about our ideal place to live. For some reason, Idaho was mentioned. (When you grow up in a small town in Illinois… Read more

  • You Are Loved

    You Are Loved

    When I was 6-years-old I had my first ride in a commercial airplane. Having a Dad who was passionate about aircraft, I was certainly well prepared for a good experience. I remember loving it all, the take-off, the landing, and everything in between! I especially LOVED being up in the… Read more

  • My Not-So-Trusty Screwdriver

    My Not-So-Trusty Screwdriver

    Every house, condo, or apartment needs a screwdriver. And if it offers the option to switch between a flathead and a Phillips, it’s hard to imagine a tool that’s more useful in a home. I started thinking about useful tools after reading the biography of Mother Angelica and watching a… Read more

  • Two Charcoal Fires

    Two Charcoal Fires

    There was a moment after Jesus’ resurrection, but before He ascended to Heaven, in which he ate breakfast with some of his disciples. It was on the Sea of Tiberius, and once again, Jesus provided some of his expert fishing tips, telling the ragtag crew exactly where to cast their… Read more

  • Jesus is on the Move – Today and Always

    Jesus is on the Move – Today and Always

    History is being made right now, as I type this! The National Eucharistic Pilgrimage, which started on May 18th is on the move and the momentum is undeniable. Four routes are making a literal cross across the United States, all coming together on July 17th in Indianapolis for the first… Read more

  • How Many Seeds in a Watermelon?

    How Many Seeds in a Watermelon?

    What do motivational posters, charismatic preachers, and embroidered pillows have in common? They regularly tell us to count our blessings. If we’re in the midst of a good day, we’d probably admit it would take a long time to count all our blessings. Maybe even longer than it would take… Read more

  • The Skeptic

    The Skeptic

    I’ve never been an atheist. But I’ve certainly been a skeptic, especially when it comes to the Catholic Church. I went to Catholic school up to 8th grade before transitioning to a public high school. It gave me a foundation, but I didn’t own my faith. Religion was just another… Read more

  • I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts

    I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts

    I remember it clearly. I was about five years old. My parents were watching a Christian TV program (on our console television set, the one with the dial channel changer). The subject being discussed was the Holy Ghost. Yikes! The Holy Ghost?! 👻 This got my attention!! I sat on… Read more

  • Relics: What Superheroes Leave Behind

    Relics: What Superheroes Leave Behind

    On a visit to the National Shrine of Our Lady of Champion about an hour north of Sheboygan, my son Ben and I were marveling at the fact that the chapel had relics of each of the original Apostles (minus Judas, of course).  In the Catholic Church, a relic is… Read more

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