A Guiding Light

“How do I die?”

This is the question my dad asked me eleven days before he passed. He was confident in his decision to stop fighting his body, and it was obvious he felt liberated by this new thinking and was ready to get movin’. I loved the childlike anticipation in his curiosity.

But really… How do you die?

He wanted to know.

We sat there in the quiet of his question.

The room was eerily silent for the first time. There were no more monitors beeping to measure his vitals, no sounds of machinery slowly giving him medicine. And, notably, no medical staff coming in and out. All was still. This void of sound and depth of his sincerity left me searching for the right words of comfort and hope.

Then, my eyes met the beautiful artwork my daughter Virginia Rose had given him a few days earlier, the powerful picture she had made of an angel for her Papa.

✨ A guiding light. ✨

This holy image became the answer to this question, the light in the darkness.

“How do you die?”

Just follow the guiding light, dad.

It’s the same way he lived. I reminded him that, just like always, God would guide him, and all of us, through these next unknowns. One step would reveal itself, then the next step, and the next and soon enough he would find his way back home in heaven.

✨ A guiding light. ✨

My dad was mesmerized by this angel. Many of us who saw it hanging in his hospital room were also. She spoke to our hearts. And, the purity of a child’s viewpoint and gift shone from this piece in a remarkable way. 

This beautiful angel sat vigil with my dad for the last two weeks of his life and upon his request was placed in his casket before burial.

✨ A guiding light. ✨

Indeed, the light revealed itself and led us one small step at a time. I was privileged to witness the miracles unfold slowly and steadily. Like, when he was about to be transported from the hospital to the (most fabulous!) Hospice Center, he soared there on the wings of eagles, just like in his favorite Bible verse. Yes, the ambulance team entered his room with compassion, kindness, and the word “Eagle” on their jackets (their company’s name).

Eagles to transport him! Yep, that’s about right. God winked loud and clear, assuring us that he was in good hands.

✨ The gift of a guiding light. ✨

Have you experienced the gift of a guiding light on YOUR journey? How? When? I’d love to hear about it.


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