My Not-So-Trusty Screwdriver

Every house, condo, or apartment needs a screwdriver. And if it offers the option to switch between a flathead and a Phillips, it’s hard to imagine a tool that’s more useful in a home.

I started thinking about useful tools after reading the biography of Mother Angelica and watching a documentary on the life of Mother Teresa. They were great women of faith with unique ministries that impacted millions of people. Even though their missions were different, I noticed some commonalities between them when it came to money. 

It seemed as though Mother Teresa felt like any dollar not being used to help the poor was a dollar wasted. She needed a lot of money to run her operation, but it never took precedence over her call to serve. 

When Mother Angelica felt God calling her to buy a satellite dish for her fledgling television network, she trusted God would provide the $600,000. The big sum of money didn’t intimidate her one bit, because that money was just a tool to bring about God’s plan. 

Both women had a strong dispassion toward money. Although they often needed a lot of it to accomplish their missions, it was merely a means to an end. A tool to get a job done.

To them, money was no different than a screwdriver.

I love their example. It caused me to examine my own beliefs and actions toward money. As an entrepreneur and business owner, money is never far from my mind. I’ve had moments in my journey when money was tight and our savings dried up. We’ve always been able to pay the bills, but oftentimes it was just enough, and just in time. God has been faithful for months and months and years and years, and I still find myself anxious when our cash flow dips beyond a certain level. 

I can’t help but wonder, how often is the reason I am striving for a certain amount of money so I won’t have to trust Him quite so much?

The example of Mother Teresa and Mother Angelica showed me how often I place my security in my bank account. I am reminded of the time Jesus said, “Children, how hard it is for those who trust in riches to enter the kingdom of God.” (Mark 10:24)

Jesus is not saying money is bad. He’s saying that trusting in it is.

Mother Teresa and Mother Angelica trusted in a God who provided the money they needed.

I am grateful for the example of these two holy women, who taught me to view money as a tremendous tool, just like a screwdriver.

Because even I can see the folly of putting my faith and security in a screwdriver.


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