Catholic Coffee

I made it thirty-seven years as a coffee virgin. It may have been our third child that pushed me over. While I’m hardly a connoisseur, I am now a fan.

I’ve always been a fan of companies that embrace good design and have a sense of humor.

So I was delighted to discover Catholic Coffee, which combines each of its delicious coffees with an extraordinary saint. The bags themselves are beautiful, and the pairings make me smile. I mean, you’ve got St. Patrick’s Irish Cream, Our Lady of Guadalupe Mexican Mocha, St. Joan of Arc French Blend, and Our Lady of Mount Caramel…Salted Caramel. C’mon!

But maybe my favorite is the Sleeping St. Joseph Decaf. Here’s the description:

“Sleeping St. Joseph” is a fast-growing devotion in which we offer our petitions to Joseph, who received God’s messages through angelic visions as he slept. When Joseph awoke from these visions, he immediately took action—no matter the time of day—to protect the Holy Family according to God’s directives.

This vibrant decaf dark roast won’t disturb your sleep, but will let you rest under the watchful eye of St. Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church.”

Catholic Coffee is based in North Carolina and uses only fresh, ethically sourced coffee beans. They roast, package, and ship each batch by hand right in the U.S.A. and partner with some pretty great causes.

Good stuff!


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