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  • How Many Seeds in a Watermelon?

    How Many Seeds in a Watermelon?

    What do motivational posters, charismatic preachers, and embroidered pillows have in common? They regularly tell us to count our blessings. If we’re in the midst of a good day, we’d probably admit it would take a long time to count all our blessings. Maybe even longer than it would take to count all the seeds…

  • Enjoy the Woo!

    Enjoy the Woo!

    I think it’s safe to assume that physically, plunging down the first drop on a roller coaster feels a lot like riding a runaway train hurtling off a cliff. (Admittedly, I’ve never actually experienced the latter.) Even though our brains know the ultimate outcome of each event, both experiences will cause us to scream like that…

  • Working All Things for Good

    Working All Things for Good

    My wife took the beautiful photo that inspired this painting. There was something about this dandelion that captivated me.  He’s reaching the end of the line. He is weary, but remains proud and steadfast. Some called him a weed, disrupting the status quo and infecting the neighborhood. But he knows the truth. He has run his…